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Mrs. Sarah Franz
Guidance Counselor


Testing Update:
Mr. Myers and I will be talking to those students who have not met the graduation requirements with either the 18 points or the ACT score.

Most colleges will accept ACT scores, so it isn’t necessary to take both the ACT and SAT although some students do.  Registration is online at www.actstudent.org and www.sat.org.  Our HS Code is 362-550.    

College Visits:
A college visit is a vital part of the selection process.  You may miss up to two days of school that will not be counted as absent if you pick up a form in the Guidance Office and return the form upon your return to our school.  You will need to have a representative from the school you visit sign your form to verify your visit.

College Representatives at Wayne Trace:
Many colleges send representatives to our school.  These will be announced well in advance.  Please sign up in the Guidance Office and get a pass that will get you out of class to meet with these representatives.  

Career Survey:
There are a couple of free Career Surveys on the Ohio Means Jobs website

In order to be eligible to play athletics at the Division I or II College, students must register through the NCAA eligibility center.

  • Students must meet the NCAA requirements for eligibility
  • ACT/SAT scores must be sent directly to the Eligibility Center from the testing agency.
  • Eligibility Center web site.

The bulk of the scholarship money that students receive will come from the College.  We are lucky to have many local scholarships, but they will most likely opt cover the majority of the cost of a 2 or 4 year college.

For the most part, local Scholarships are received after January.  Seniors will be given a list of scholarships.  One page will give a description of the scholarship and the criteria.  One page will list the scholarships by deadline.  All applications are online at the Guidance page.

College Application Process:
Most colleges offer an on-line application process.  Many schools will ask you to bring a form into the Guidance Office for more information.  I will complete the school portion of the form and send in an “official” copy of your transcript.

Some colleges will want my email address.  It is franzs@wt.k12.oh.us

Here is a quick senior year checklist:

  • Work hard your senior year.  This is not the last year of your education.  Get ready for the next!
  • Visit the colleges.  Call admissions’ offices and make an appt or take advantage of open houses and other scheduled visitation days.
  • Meet with college representatives who visit Wayne Trace.
  • Apply as soon as possible to the schools you are interested in.
  • Check deadlines for admissions and financial aid and scholarships.
  • Prepare a resume of activities and accomplishments for those you ask to write recommendations. Give your recommenders sufficient information and time to fill out forms and write letters.
  • Keep a file of all your correspondence with colleges.
  • Apply for Financial aid by filing the FAFSA as soon as possible (after October 1, 2018.)  You can get an FSA ID at any time.  You will need this for the FAFSA
  • Research scholarship opportunities and meet all deadlines.


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