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Grover Hill Elemntary

Grover Hill Elementary


Kindergarten Supplies:
*Clean tennis shoes to be kept at school-no high tops or tie shoes please
*Book bag-1 LARGE                                                                   
*Fiskar Scissors-round tip metal
*Eraser-1 large                                                                   
*PUFFS Tissues-1 box
*Crayola Crayons-4 boxes 24 count (NO Crazy Art Crayons, please)              
*T-shirt-1 loose fitting (for paint shirt)
*Pencils-1 package #2 pencils with erasers                                           
*Art/school Box-1
*Elmer’s School Glue-4 bottles-4 oz. each
*Elmer’s School Glue Sticks-6                              
*Ziplock bags-1 box quart and 1 box gallon   (please get Ziplock and not sliders)          
*Napkins-large package
*Crayola Washable Markers                                                   
*1 Old sock or dry eraser
*Dry Eraser Markers-fine tip 5 count                                                      
*Notebook- 1subject Spiral Bound (classroom)
*1 pack of disinfecting wipes
*1 Crayola water color
1 Notebook-Spiral Bound
1 Sharpie (black)
1 Pack of Disinfecting Wipes or Baby Wipes                           
Young 5’s   Supplies:
*Clean tennis shoes to be kept at school-no high tops or tie shoes please
*Book bag-1 LARGE                                                                   
*Fiskar’s Scissors-round tip metal
*Eraser-2 large                                                                   
*PUFFS Tissues-1 box
*Crayola Crayons-4 boxes 24 count                                               
*T-shirt-1 loose fitting
*Pencils-2 package #2 pencils with erasers                                           
*Art/school Box-1
*Elmer’s School Glue-3 bottles-4 oz. each                                   
*Ziplock bags-1 box quart and 1 box gallon   (please get ziplock and not sliders)                        
*Paper Towels-1 roll
*Crayola Washable Markers   2 packs                                           
*1 Old sock      
*2 spiral notebooks     
First Grade Supplies:
*1 box #2 pencils with erasers                                                      
*Tennis shoes for PE Class (If your child can’t tie shoes PLEASE send Velcro)
*12 glue sticks
*1 box PUFFS tissues                                                             
*2 pocket folders (DURABLE-example=Mead 5 Star)
*4 boxes CRAYOLA crayons
*4 Black dry erase markers                                                  
*1 pair scissors-may use same ones from last year          
*1 spiral notebooks-wide ruled
*1 composition notebooks
*Old, CLEAN sock                                                                  
*2 highlighters
*1 book bag-large                                                                 
*1 roll paper towels
*1 art/school supply box  (No bigger than 8” x 5”)                              
*2 large eraser
*Girls-Quart size Ziplock Bags
*Boys-gallon size Ziplock Bags      
*1 Clorox Wipes 
*1 set of Headphones or Earbuds to leave at school
For Art Class:
*1 Spiral Notebook
*1 Crayola or Prang Water Color Paint
*1 Fine Point Sharpie
*1 Pack of Disinfecting Wipes or Baby Wipes

*6 #2 lead pencils with erasers                 
*4 Dry erase markers (at least)                           
*2 boxes CRAYOLA crayons 24 count               
*2 boxes tissues-200 count                        
*1 small art/school box  
*3 red pens                                            
*3 composition notebook       
*2 highlighters
*1 large book bag                                
*2 pocket folders                        
*2 bottles Elmer’s glue (no paste)            
*metal scissors –may use same ones from last year
*1 BIG eraser                                                                      
*Tennis shoes for Phys. Ed.-no heels, zippers, or hiking boots
*BOYS: gallon zip bags
*BOYS: 1 roll of paper towels                    
*GIRLS: quarts zip bags
*GIRLS: 1 container of disinfectant wipes
*For Art:
1 Sharpie
1 Pack of Disinfecting Wipes or Baby Wipes

Third Grade Supplies:               
*1 small art/school box
*24 sharpened pencils with erasers (NO PUMP PENCILS)
*1 book bag                                              
*1 large eraser
*2 highlighter                                  
*1 box crayons
*1 bottle glue & 4 glue sticks                                     
*2 spiral notebooks-100 pages 
*3 folders
*1 composition notebook (it is smaller than spiral notebooks)
*1 pkg. loose leaf notebook paper                  
*4 dry erase black Expo markers
*1 pair pointed tip metal scissors          
*1 box tissues-200 count     
**1 pair of headphones or earbuds, please bring them in a Ziplock bag with your name on it.                                      
*1 pair Phys. Ed. Shoes, shorts, and small Phys. Ed. bag with handles
*Boys: Clorox Wipes
*Girls: Gallon or Sandwich bags
*For Art:
          1 Sharpie
          1 Pack of Disinfecting Wipes or Baby Wipes
4th Grade Supplies: NO TRAPPERS
*1 2inch Binder
*4 separate spiral notebooks- 8 ½ x 11- not multi-subject for Science, Social Studies, Math, & Reading 
*4 folders for Graded Work, Homework, Music, and Science/Social Studies combined
*1 Loose leaf wide rule paper 150 sheet
*4 BOLD black dry erase markers
*12 sharpened #2 pencils
*1 box of tissues
*1 pair of Headphones or Earbuds
*boys- Sanitize wipes & ZIPLOC Sandwich bags
*girls- 1 box ZIPLOC gallon bags & package of Notecards
*1 Pencil Pouch- Content includes
-2 highlighters
-4 pencils sharpened
-2 big erasers
-1 dry erase marker
-4 glue stick
-1 pen
- Scissors-at all times
*Art Box-Content includes
- 1 box of crayons                    
- 1 pkg. colored pencils
- 1 bottle of Elmer’s glue  
- 1 pair pointed metal scissors-at all times
- 1 Sharpie
- 1 Pack of Disinfecting Wipes or Baby Wipes
*1 small Phys. Ed. Bag with tennis shoes (no slip on or zipper), t-shirt, athletic shorts, STICK DEODORANT, comb
5th & 6th Grade Supplies:         
*1 pair of Earbuds or Headphones
*1 pkg. loose leaf notebook paper
*1 package #2 pencils sharpened (at least)                       
*1 pencil pouch                                    
*1 trapper or binder                  
*1 package red ink pens
*2- 4 pack dry erase markers- ODORLESS please
*big eraser                                              
*1 highlighter                              
*3 glue sticks
*2 box tissues                              
*1 small phys. Ed. bag with tennis shoes (no slip on or zipper), t-shirt, athletic shorts, stick deodorant, comb
*2 composition notebooks (1 for math, 1 for Science)                              
*1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer (6th Grade ONLY)
*6th GRADE ONLY Boys: 1 box gallon Ziplock bags 
*6th GRADE ONLY Girls: 1 box quart Ziplock bags
          1 Art Box
1 pack of Baby Wipes or Disinfecting Wipes
          1 Sharpie Marker
          1 pointed metal scissors-may use same ones from last year
          1 box 24 crayons for Art class
          1 bottle of Elmer’s glue

Summer Food Program


First Lady Fran DeWine announced today that the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library Program is now being offered to children in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. 
Kids from birth to age five statewide are now eligible to receive a free book in the mail each month, no matter what county they live in.
When First Lady DeWine started this program with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, only a handful of counties offered the books and 13 percent of Ohio children were enrolled. 
Parents are encouraged to enroll their kids in this free literary program. To sign up, visit Learn more about the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library in the video below. 

Principal's Newsletter


 As you read my ramblings, the Grover Hill students and staff will be out of school on spring break. When we return to school on Monday, April 5, we will be starting our final grading period of the year. Once back, we will have a little over two weeks before we start state testing. Students in grades three through six will be taking their ELA assessments on April 20 and April 21. The following week, the same students will take their mathematics assessment on April 27 and April 28. Only select grades take the science assessment and those are administered on May 4 and May 5. Students that were eligible for the good behavior reward party enjoyed delicious cookies and juice provided by the Wayne Trace Grover Hill PTO. This is a group of dedicated parents always willing to lend helping hands here at the school. If ever I need assistance with a project or need financial assistance, they are there with willing hands and the resources to get the project tackled. All of the WTGHE students and staff members are blessed to have the support of this fine group. Our preschool and kindergarten screenings have been completed. The preschool screenings for Grover Hill were March 25 and future kindergarteners were screened on March 25 and March 26. If your child will be ready for preschool, kindergarten or transitional kindergarten, please call 419-399-4100, option #3 immediately to register your child and schedule a make-up screening. Speaking of transitional kindergarten, Wayne Trace parents have the option of enrolling their youngster in either kindergarten or transitional kindergarten. Over the years, we have found that not all students who are eligible for kindergarten are quite ready. The demands of kindergarten are for more rigorous than they were when parents were in school. For many students, transitional kindergarten is a beneficial bridge between home (or preschool) and traditional kindergarten. Students are exposed to the state curriculum for kindergarteners but the pace is slower and provides additional remediation of lacking skills. This extra year of intensive support proves so beneficial to students who might not otherwise be fully ready for the expectations and rigor of kindergarten. When I first became the principal, I heard about a fourth grade jump rope performance, but did not think too much more about it. The student body was divided into groups to go see this “performance,” and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. These students had an entire routine prepared to music, and they jumped rope like I have never seen before. It was amazing! Mrs. Mohr, Mrs. Schmidt, Miss Cavinder, Mrs. Baker, and the entire fourth grade class deserve a huge round of applause for their hard work on outstanding performance. You can watch portions of it on the building’s Facebook page. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to call. Your partner in education, Mark Lange WTGHE Principal 


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