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The sounds of birds, kids on bikes, and people mowing the lawn are all indicators that another school year is coming to a close. More +

Open House

Open House will be Monday, August 19 from 5:00-6:30 pm
Hope to see you then! 

Student Registration

Student Registration

Registration Parents of enrolled students can now fill out their back to school Student Information Forms online. OneView is where you will find the district’s annual student forms that previously would have been turned in on paper the first week of school.  

The electronic, online forms (Student Health Form, Emergency Contacts, Athletic Forms, etc.) are available immediately.  It would be very helpful if families could complete the online forms as soon as possible.  High school and 8th grade student athletes participating in a fall sport will need to have all forms completed and submitted by July 1, 2019. Incoming 7th grade students will not have access to the athletic forms until July 1 and should be completed by July 15, 2019.  Athletes will not be able to participate in their sport until all forms have been submitted.  All other students in Pre-K through 12 will need to have all forms completed and submitted by August 1, 2019.

OneView Login

OneView Account Creation Instructions

OneView Enrolling a Student Instructions

If you have any trouble creating your account, please check with the building secretaries.  


Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free Program

Kids Eat Free All children ages 1 through 18 are eligible to receive free meals during the summer months at participating program sites. Individuals ages 19 through 21 who have been identified as having mental or physical disabilities and are following Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) through their current enrollment in educational programs also are eligible for free summer meals.

For more information or to find a location near you call 1-866-3-HUNGRY (486479).

School Supplies

School Supplies

School Supplies
Kindergarten:  (Please put name on all supplies)
*Clean tennis shoes to be kept at school-no high tops or tie shoes please
 *Book bag- 1 large
*Fiskar's Scissors-round tip metal
*Crayola Washable Markers
*Eraser- 1 large
*1 Old sock or dry eraser
*PUFFS tissues- 1 box
*Crayola Crayons- 4 boxes 24 count (NO crazy art crayons, please)
*T-shirt- 1 loose fitting
*Pencils- 1 package #2 pencils with erasers
*Large Package of napkins
*Art/school box- 1 (Only 1 ART/SCHOOL box is needed per student
*Elmer's school glue - 4 bottles- 4 oz each
*Elmer's school glue sticks- 6
*Ziplock bags- 1 box quart and 1 box gallon (please get ziplock and not sliders)
**1 Spiral notebook (wide ruled)
**1 package fine point Dry Erase Markers
First Grade Supplies:  
*1 box #2 pencils with erasers
*Tennis shoes for Phys. Ed.-no heels, zippers, or hiking boots
*12 glue sticks
*1 box PUFFS tissues
*2 pocket folders (DURABLE-example=Mead 5 Star)
*4 boxes CRAYOLA crayons
*4 Black dry erase markers
*1 pair scissors-may use same ones from last year
*1 spiral notebooks-wide ruled
*2 composition notebooks
*Old, CLEAN sock
* 2 highlighters
*1 book bag-large
*1 roll paper towels
*1 art/school supply box (No bigger than 8" x 5")
*2 large eraser
*Girls-Quart size Ziplock Bags
*Boys-gallon size Ziplock Bags
*1 Clorox Wipes (Mrs. Nouza's class 1B ONLY)

Second Grade Supplies:
*6 #2 lead pencils with erasers
*4 Dry erase markers (at least
*2 boxes CRAYOLA crayons 24 count
*2 boxes tissues-200 count
*1 small art/school box
*3 red pens
*3 composition notebook
*2 highlighters
*BOYS: gallon zip bags
*Boys: 1 roll of paper towels
*1 large book bag
*2 pocket folders
*GIRLS: quarts zip bags
*Girls: 1 container of disinfectant wipes
*2 bottles Elmer's glue (no paste)
*metal scissors —may use same ones from last year
*1 BIG eraser
*Crayola Markers for Art
*Tennis shoes for Phys. Ed.-no heels, zippers, or hiking boots

Third Grade Supplies:
*1 small art/school box
*24 sharpened pencils with erasers
*1 book bag
*1 large eraser
*1 highlighter
*1 box crayons
*1 bottle glue & 4 glue sticks
*2 spiral notebooks-IOO pages (1 for Art class)
*1 composition notebook (it is smaller than spiral notebooks)
*1 pkg. loose leaf notebook paper
*4 dry erase black Expo markers
*1 pair pointed tip metal scissors
*Crayola Markers for Art
*1 box tissues-200 count
*1 pair Phys. Ed. Shoes, shorts, and small Phys. Ed. bag with handles
** If you have computer head phones and would like to use them at school, please bring them in a ziplock bag with your name on it.

4th Grade Supplies:
*3 separate spiral notebooks- 8 1/4 x 11- not multi-subject for Science, Social Studies, Art
*4 folders for Graded Work, Homework, Music, and Science & Social Studies combined
*4 BOLD black dry erase markers
*12 or more sharpened #2 pencils
*1 box of tissues
*boys- Sanitize wipes
*girls- 1 box ZIPLOC gallon bags
*1 Pencil Pouch- Content includes
-2 highlighters
-4 pencils sharpened
-2 big erasers
-1 dry erase marker -1 glue stick
*Art Box-Content includes
      -1 box of crayons
      -1 pkg. colored pencils
      -1 bottle of Elmer's glue
      -1 pair pointed metal scissors
*1 small Phys. Ed. Bag with tennis shoes (no slip on or zipper), t-shirt, athletic shorts, STICK DEODORANT, comb

5th & 6th Grade Supplies:
*3 separate spiral notebooks-8h x Il-not multi-subject (1 for Art, 1 forELA, 1 for Social Studies)
*1 pkg. loose leaf notebook paper
*1 folder with 3 holes punched for Music
*1 package #2 pencils sharpened
*1 pencil pouch
*1 trapper or binder
*1 package red ink pens
*1-4 pack dry erase markers- ODORLESS please
*OLD SOCK for white board eraser
* big eraser
*1 highlighter
*1 bottle Elmer's glue for Art class
*3 glue sticks
*2 box tissues
*pointed metal scissors for Art class-may use same ones from last year
*1 small phys. Ed. bag with tennis shoes (no slip on or zipper), t-shirt, athletic shorts, stick deodorant, comb
*2 composition notebooks (1 for math, 1 for Science)
*1 box 16 or 24 crayons for Art class
*Crayola /Prang 8 count water color or paint for Art
*Black Sharpie for Art

Open House

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