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School has started and the journey has begun! As we enter September, things are running smoothly and the students seem excited for another wonderful school year. We are all hoping for a more quiet school year weather-wise.
Open House was a success. Many parents attended, and students were excited to see their new Teachers and new classrooms. We have a new face in the 4th grade this year; Mrs. Elyssa Smart. She comes to us from North Carolina and has several years of successful teaching experience.
Arrival Procedures
Notes: The carline is a NO CELL PHONE zone. For the safety of our students, safety patrol, teachers, administrators, and other drivers, please do not be talking or texting on your cell phone while you are in the carline.
-Beginning at 8:30 (10:30 on 2-hour delays), families will drop off their student(s) in the red car line outside of the cafeteria door. Students will exit their vehicle on the passenger side and enter the cafeteria door on their own.
-In order to keep the car line moving, students should have their backpack, lunch, or other materials ready to go so they can exit the vehicle immediately.
Vehicles should enter the parking lot at the north end of the pavement behind the bus parking area in the blue car lines.
-Cars should exit the parking lot, while remaining in the red lines, AFTER the car in front of them begins driving away. For safety reasons, do not go around another vehicle in the red lines.
-The crossing guard for Townline Street will be located at the intersection of Townline and School Drive Street. Those students will enter through the building using the cafeteria door.
-The crossing guard for Oak Street will be located at the intersection of Oak Street and School Drive Street.
Those students will enter the building using the cafeteria door.
-Front of the school entry is limited to those times when special projects or treats are dropped off.
Dismissal Procedures
The office must be notified of all changes to typical transportation plans prior to 2:00 PM on the day of the change.
*Families may register their students for a pick up number in the office. Additional car tags are available upon request.
-All picked up or walking students in Preschool-6th grade will go directly to the cafeteria using the East Stairwell and will be officially dismissed from the cafeteria. Teachers will walk their entire group down to the cafeteria. All classes will be in the cafeteria no later than 3:30 PM. The cafeteria is a “Silent Zone”. All staff remains in the cafeteria until all students have been loaded in vehicles.
-All bussed students in Preschool-6 th grade will go directly to the gym lobby using the West Stairwell.  Teachers will walk their entire group down to the gym. All classes will be in the gym lobby no later than 3:30 PM. All staff remains outside in the bus loading area until all busses leave the parking lot.
-Students who are attending an after school activity, must remain in the gym with their adult activity supervisor or coach until all students have been dismissed from the cafeteria.
-Students are not allowed to wait in front of the school building in order to be picked up.
-Walkers and bikers will be escorted across streets by a staff member prior to vehicles loading.
-Vehicles should enter the parking lot at the north end of the pavement behind the bus parking area.  Cars will form two lines inside of the blue painted markings.
-Numbers will be called for the red car line in outside of the cafeteria doors beginning at 3:30 PM.
-Staff will direct cars to enter the red loading zone area after students riding bikes or walking home have been dismissed.
-All vehicles in the loading zone are required to turn off their engines.
-Students must enter the passenger side of the vehicle if possible. The vehicle driver is responsible to secure students in their car seat.
-Vehicles may not turn on their engine until staff blows a whistle indicating that all students are in a vehicle. Staff will direct the vehicles to leave the loading zone.
-Cars may exit the parking lot when the car in front of them begins driving away.

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