Free Christmas Book Shop
Starting 12/18/2019 and ending on 12/19/2019
Event Groups:
• Grover Hill Elementary - Grover Hill Elementary Events

                                    Free Christmas Book Shop

         Wednesday, Dec.18th Preschool – 6           

                            Alternate date will be Thursday, Dec. 19th   

Your child can shop for gently used books for family members who are living in your home. The books will be wrapped, and tags will be placed on them before your child brings their present home.

                Names and ages of children should be provided.

Please fill out the form below and RETURN it to school by MONDAY DECEMBER 16th, 2019.  If you have any questions, please email [email protected]  or call and ask for Vicky Noffsinger


Student Shopper Name _________________________________CLASSROOM____________________



                                       AGE                                                                    NAME










If there are no siblings, then your child may shop for his/her parents. 

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