COVID-19 Guidelines
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COVID-19 Guidelines

Wayne Trace Local School District Plan for 2021-2022 School Year

In much the same manner as we approached the start of last school year, Wayne Trace Local Schools will plan to provide in-person learning for all students on our three campuses.  We will continue to address the five key areas that we did last school year to make certain all staff and students are safe and healthy.  These areas are: assessing symptoms, hand washing, sanitation of facilities, practicing social distancing, and face coverings.  Our plan addresses each of those five areas in detail.  The most important aspect of our reopening plan is the health and safety of everyone associated with Wayne Trace Local Schools.  However, the quality of education we provide is also a vital factor in the decisions we make.

Listed below are the ways in which we will work to follow the five guidelines outlined above:


  • All students, caregivers, and staff are asked to monitor their health before departing for school each day.  Anyone showing symptoms or with a temperature over 100 is asked to stay home.
  • Staff members will NOT be conducting temperature checks as students enter buildings, classrooms, or school buses. 
  • Temperature checks will only be administered if a student has already arrived at school and reports that he/she is not feeling well.
  • We expect parents/guardians to administer temperature checks before sending their child(ren) to school. 
  • Parents are expected to keep any child home if he/she is sick or displays any symptoms of illness. 


  • All students and staff will be provided time throughout the day to wash their hands.
  • Extra hand-hygiene stations will be available throughout the district
  • Studies show that hand washing is the most effective way to eliminate germs; therefore, students will receive increased opportunities and promptings to wash their hands.
  • Sharing materials among students will be eliminated wherever possible.  When sharing materials is necessary, proper sanitation will take place between uses. 


  • All buildings, classrooms, offices and buses will receive regular cleaning and disinfecting to promote healthy environments. Frequently touched surfaces, door knobs, handrails, etc. will receive special attention. 


  • In the school setting, social distancing for students at times may be difficult due to class sizes, space constraints, and available resources. School personnel will do their best to accommodate social distancing guidelines by extending the distance between students as much as possible.


  • The federal, state and local health departments recommend and encourage everyone to wear face coverings.
  • Students and staff may choose to wear face coverings.  Face coverings will NOT be mandated in our school buildings at this time.
  • All students and staff utilizing the district transportation will be required to wear face coverings.  This is in accordance with the mandate in regard to public transportation.

Wayne Trace Local Schools is also providing the following information to make certain our stakeholders are informed in regard to the reopening procedures


  • We will NOT plan to adjust the 2021-2022 school calendar unless absolutely necessary and deemed so by public health authorities. 
  • The first student day will be Wednesday, August 18, 2021. 
  • We will conduct our annual open house evening with our elementary open houses on Monday, August 16 and our junior/senior high open house on Tuesday, August 17.


  • As a district we are not preparing for blended learning sessions or for alternating student days in the classroom. Due to the geographical size of the district and a number of high school courses containing multiple grade levels, these options are not viable for our district. 
  • At this time, we plan to operate with all students on campus receiving face-to-face instruction.


  • Health professionals agree that all individuals need physical activity and encourage increased time outdoors, when possible. 
  • All physical education, recess, and visual/performing arts classes (band, music, art, choir, etc.) will resume with as much distance as possible provided for all individuals. 


  • Students will eat in our buildings cafeterias/other areas with one another, not at their classroom desks.
  • Students will sit near each other with the maximum distance possible provided in the cafeteria/other area setting. 
  • The school lunch program will continue to be offered daily. 
  • As always, students are permitted to bring a packed lunch from home. 
  • Note:   According to the federal guidelines all students will continue to receive breakfast and lunch free of charge.


  • All visitors and volunteers will be kept to a minimum. 


  • Many of our students take advantage of our district transportation which will continue to be provided to all students in grades PK-12. We will continue to run our normal junior high/high school routes each morning and afternoon, as well as our normal elementary routes each morning and afternoon. 
  • Students will be sitting side-by side. 
  • Students will be required to wear face coverings on the bus, per the mandate which requires face masks on public transportation.
  • Parents may choose to transport their child(ren) to/from school daily if they prefer not to use bus transportation provided by the district. It will be expected that established drop-off/pick-up routines will continue to be followed.
  • We will plan to continue to provide transportation for athletes to/from contests and masks will be required. 
  • Bus drivers will be required to wear face coverings while driving, if wearing such does not impede them from safely operating the bus.
  • Bus drivers will sanitize their bus immediately following each route or trip.     

In closing, we assure you that the Wayne Trace Local School District will do everything possible to decrease the risks associated with contracting COVID-19, as well as any other virus, illness, or disease. We understand sending your child to school among this pandemic is a family decision not to be taken lightly. Ultimately, parents must be willing to accept the risks and send their child(ren) to school.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to forge ahead in this new era of student safety and education. 

*This plan is subject to change throughout the school year based on mandates that may be imposed and also in regard to the possibility of a parental waiver. 

Board Approved: August 9, 2021
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