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FALL 2014

It is my pleasure to serve as the guidance counselor at Wayne Trace.  This bulletin provides important information which will also be posted on the Wayne Trace High School web page:   Go to the guidance page on the high school webpage. I encourage seniors and the parents of seniors to refer to this and additional bulletins throughout the year.

Senior Conferences:  Please come see me if you have any questions about your senior year, classes or college.

College Information:  A wealth of information about colleges is available in the guidance office, the Library and the Internet.  Here are just a couple of websites that have proven to be especially helpful:

Testing Update:

Students who need to pass one or more parts of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) will have additional opportunities to take the OGT in October, March, and May.

College bound seniors need to take the ACT at least once.  Most colleges will accept ACT scores so it isn’t necessary to take both the ACT and SAT although some students do.  Registration is should be made online at  and  Our HS Code is 362-550.    The next administration of the ACT is December 13, 2014 and the registration deadline is November 7th

College Visits:

A college visit is a vital part of the selection process.  You may miss up to two days of school and not be counted absent if you pick up a form in the Guidance Office and return the form upon your return to our school.  You will need to have a representative from the school you visit sign your form to verify your visit.

Sign up for Remind101: 

Those attending WT:  text @wt2015 to 419-516-4946
Those attending Vantage:  text @vt2015  to 419-516-4946

See Mrs. Franz if you need this sent to an email address.  I will send out various information and reminders about scholarships, graduation and other opportunities. Parents can also sign up to receive the messages.

College Representatives here at Wayne Trace:

Many colleges send representatives to our school.  These will be announced well in advance.  Please sign up in the Guidance Office and get a pass that will get you out of class to meet with these representatives.  


College Application Process:
Most colleges offer an on-line application process.  Many schools will ask you to bring a form into the Guidance Office for more information.  I will complete the school portion of the form AND send in an “official” copy of your transcript.

Some colleges will want my email address.  It is

Here is a quick senior year checklist:

Work hard your senior year.  This is not the last year of your education.  Get ready for the next!
Visit the colleges.  Call admissions’ offices and make an appt or take advantage of open houses and other scheduled visitation days.
Meet with college representatives who visit Wayne Trace.
Apply as soon as possible to the schools you are interested in.
Check deadlines for admissions and financial aid and scholarships.
Prepare a resume of activities and accomplishments for those you ask to write recommendations. Give your recommenders sufficient information and time to fill out forms and write letters.
Keep a file of all your correspondence with colleges.
Apply for Financial aid by filing the FAFSA as soon as possible (after January 1st, 2015.)
Research scholarship opportunities and meet all deadlines.

Some important dates:
May 14, 2015                              Senior Awards night 7PM  (Tentative)
May 22, 2015                              Graduation Practice and Senior Friendship Lunch (tentative)
May 24, 2015 @ 2:30 pm           Graduation for the class of 2015




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